SafeMeme: A bastion of safety for retail investors on the Binance Smart Chain

SafeMeme $SME
3 min readMay 26, 2021

SafeMeme is a unique BEP20 utility token and exchange platform that aims to create a safe environment for retail investors, where all tokens must pass our audit before being listed.

Our Ethos
The team here at SafeMeme strongly believes that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance. Blockchain will drive a financial revolution that puts people in charge of their money, rather than centralized institutions. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in particular is a great avenue for retail investors to enter the world of crypto, given its low gas fees (compared to other blockchains such as Ethereum) & almost instantaneous swaps!

Take a look at /r/cryptomoonshots, a popular subreddit for the purposes of discussing the potential of low market-cap cryptocurrencies. You will see that there are dozens of new projects released daily in this evolving market, with the majority now being released on BSC.
But how can investors sort the good projects from the bad ones?
Unfortunately, at present the BSC is plagued by scammers who see it as a ripe target for abuse, giving it a reputation as the ‘wild west of crypto. One of the most common types of scam is known as a ‘rug pull’ –
where developers abandon the project and drain the liquidity pool, leaving investors with nothing. Rug pulls thrive on decentralized exchanges, as tokens may be listed for free and without audit. Speaking from personal experience, it is all too easy to fall victim to one of these scams, and there is a real danger that retail investors may be scared away from the BSC unless this problem is addressed.
This is why the market is firmly in need of a project like SafeMeme — and we are here to stop the scammers and provide a bastion of safety for investors.
As per our stated mission, transparency lies at the heart of SafeMeme. We have a dynamic, non-anon team on all our socials (check the links below), and the creator Ilan is fully doxxed. A team wallet will be used for any costs associated with the project, for example, marketing, dev costs, exchange listing costs, etc… Everyone can see the transactions of this wallet as it is in the public domain. Furthermore, we will let everyone know of any significant transactions that are to be withdrawn from this wallet.

How does it work?
Please check out our whitepaper for full details on tokenomics, our proposed exchange platform, as well as our roadmap.

In short, all tokens listed on will be audited and vetted, ensuring they pass the SafeMeme safety protocol. That includes contract auditing, pre-sale & launch auditing (avoiding whales, bots, whitelisting, etc.), tokenomics auditing, creating a protocol that solely approves non-risky projects.

$SME will be the liquidity token for listed BEP20 tokens on our platform, increasing the stability of $SME, and increasing the token value for all holders.

Every transaction of $SME imposes a 6% fee:
• 2% is redistributed to all the current holders in proportion to their existing holdings,
• 2% will be burned, decreasing the token’s total supply (burn will stop when there are only 100,000,000 tokens left),
• 2% is added to the locked liquidity wallet.
This model automatically rewards holders without the need to stake them manually. The deflationary nature of the token and the transaction tax also provide incentives against selling.

How can I be a part of this?
If you like what you have read so far and see the vision for this project, then please join us! SafeMeme is a community-driven project, meaning that each member will be able to participate in the discussion and submit ideas.
At the time of writing, the SafeMeme telegram has >6500 members.
Please be sure to join and speak to the dev team directly if you have any queries or concerns.
Currently, you can buy $SME on PancakeSwap (8% Slippage),

and there are plans to be listed on centralized exchanges in the near future.

Contract address: 0x36dBcBCA106353D49e1E0E8974492fFB862a0C92




SafeMeme $SME

SafeMeme ($SME) was created to restore trust into crypto investments. Our main goal is to audit and list solely safe BEP20 tokens for the crypto community.